The Grind

The feeling of knots in my stomach happens daily. I feel nervous, tense, and extremely motivated. I don’t know where I will be in five years, but I know I don’t want to miss any opportunities. Like everyone else I wear many hats. Being the Athletic Representative for my College, gearing up for another varsity […]

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Digesting Kenya, Finally

Think about this, in the course of two weeks, you travel half way across the world, you spend two weeks using bucket showers, you sleep in a tent with sixteen strangers, you wake up at the crack of dawn every day to do as much work as you can painting classrooms and building shelves, and […]

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Sleepless Nights

Usually, time just flies by, there isn’t enough time in a day, but it’s one of those nights where it’s 4:00am and time just slowly crawls by. I hate stagnation and I figured writing about it may be more helpful then scrolling aimlessly through social media. It’s nights like this, I wish there was a […]

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Next Stop: Kenya

I realise I’ve been mistaken, I don’t take adventures, adventures take me. Every trip I’ve taken, I can compare it to being on a roller coaster. I just make the decision to do it.  At first I’m really excited and I just line up for the ride. Pursuing new opportunities and just going for it […]

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Breaking down Your Barriers

Recently, a friend from high school reached out to me. She is experiencing one of the most unsettling situations I feel humans go through, Should I do it?. Should I move to a new country? should I sign up for that iron man? should I apply for that program? If you don’t want too its […]

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Say Yes to Adventure

Seeing a grizzly bear on my five minute walk to work was always a possibility, climbing up an 8,000ft mountain and running down it to get to work on time, and waking up to snow in July, were all common events while I was living in Lake Louise. Less than a 1000 people live in […]

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Strength comes in numbers, but don’t underestimate the strength in yourself. I am a very social person who is happiest with others. My friends, family, and boyfriend have helped me with some of my biggest battles. I realized the extent of their monumental support  a couple weeks ago when my anxiety hit me hard, and I was […]

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