Say Yes to Adventure

Seeing a grizzly bear on my five minute walk to work was always a possibility, climbing up an 8,000ft mountain and running down it to get to work on time, and waking up to snow in July, were all common events while I was living in Lake Louise. Less than a 1000 people live in […]

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About five years ago, one of my hockey coaches said I was like a piece of coal. Who would have thought that would become my favourite compliment. “Do you know what happens to coal under pressure?” He asked me in our mid-season meeting. “It turns into a rock?” I replied. He laughed, shook his head, […]

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Life Changing Lessons in Europe

This has been an amazing six weeks, packed with every emotion possible. It’s hard to comprehend this adventure and everything that has unfolded during my time living in Europe. I experienced moving to a new country, being a nanny, and plenty of amazing and hard moments. Here are some of the lessons I have learnt over […]

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Strength comes in numbers, but don’t underestimate the strength in yourself. I am a very social person who is happiest with others. My friends, family, and boyfriend have helped me with some of my biggest battles. I realized the extent of their monumental support  a couple weeks ago when my anxiety hit me hard, and I was […]

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Being a Nanny

No I’m not chained to the wall making pizza dough or scrubbing the floors with a toothbrush. It’s a unique role that comes with plenty of amazing moments and challenges. During the week I usually make breakfast and then teach the three girls English. Then we usually will do an activity (swimming, baking, sports). Then the girls […]

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Staying Fit Abroad

Being a personal trainer and athlete I view “being fit” as a life style, and not a 20 day phase. Its about staying consistent and adapting to your environment. I don’t go to the gym to get “jacked”. I go to become stronger, to consistently overcome barriers, whether it’s in regards to my anxiety or pushing through […]

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