Nursing Breaks You

After my marathon I felt broken, I couldn’t walk for three days. The difference is you only have to endure 42.2 km, about five hours (for me) in a marathon, whereas, with Nursing you are pushing for years.

There is moments where you want nothing to do with it, but deep down there is something that keeps you locked in on this path. There’s a reason  why you still show up after being broken down to your lowest point. There’s a reason why you show up after no sleep, being torn apart, showing up after having panic attacks, and showing up despite the thought of calling in sick, because you felt wrecked by stress, exhaustion, and the fear of failing.

Then you have your moments. When you are at a bus stop talking to someone you just met, and they say “it must be pretty rewarding because you are the one we turn to when we can’t help ourselves”.

That’s why you keep showing up.

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