Next Stop: Kenya

I realise I’ve been mistaken, I don’t take adventures, adventures take me. Every trip I’ve taken, I can compare it to being on a roller coaster. I just make the decision to do it.  At first I’m really excited and I just line up for the ride. Pursuing new opportunities and just going for it is very similar, like when I accepted the employment offer in Lake Louise, or bought my one way ticket to Italy.  Then the line becomes shorter, just like the days elapse, and your time to enter the ride is just around the corner. At this point you feel very excited, but nervousness ripples through your body. Thoughts race through your head. Are you ready for the ride? are you ready to give up control? Be blasted 240km/hr?, race to new heights and crash to new lows? Am I ready to give up control?, enter a plane travelling to the other side of the world? , by being amazed by a unknown place, and moved by people I’ve never met, but reach lows by understanding the challenges of a rural country, and being heartbroken by the things I may encounter? Probably not, but  now is your time to take your seat and let the adventure take you.

I have been accepted as one of sixteen students to represent Centennial in the Global Citizenship and Equity Learning Experience in Kenya. I don’t know what to expect on this next adventure, but I feel the best way to approach it, is to let the adventure take me. I will be scared, and vulnerable, but I believe this exposure and journey will make me a better individual. I will probably reach new highs and new lows, but  I don’t have much control. I want to learn as much as I can, be open-minded, and create meaningful relationships with everyone encounter. I cannot mention enough how the most valuable thing in my life is the power relationships with in it, with everyone I meet.

Here’s to new experiences

38 days.

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