Death Defines Us

A couple days ago I was scrolling through Instagram, and I instantly felt scared when one of my friends had a post “rest in peace…”. I braced myself and prayed with everything within me it was no one I ever had to contact with. The reason why I say contact with, is because I don’t believe it has to be a friend or coworker to have an impact on you. I believe as soon as someone gives you a smile or says a few words to you they have an impact on your life. Within hours a figured out it was my childhood friend Alexis.

It hurt so much. It felt like I got punched and all of the air was taken out of me. I didn’t know how to react. I continued to go to class, go to soccer, etc.  I have experienced death of  multiple people close to me, and thought I knew how to handle it. That  was until I left my Anatomy class three times because I couldn’t stop myself from crying. I went and sat in the councilors office, because I figured that they would be used to people crying, and I was urged to talk to the councilor, and I did. I have went through death of other people in my life, but they were all different. No one had her laugh, her smile, or her energy. Losing someone will always hurt because each individual plays a role in your life and holds a certain place in your heart that no one else can ever fill. Whether it starts and ends at a hello from someone you pass on the street, or someone you grow through life with.

I met Alexis when we were really little, playing on the street. I had the honor of growing up with her. Going to school with her my whole childhood, playing kick the can in the streets, having sleepovers, going to birthday parties, and graduating high school together. I haven’t seen her for a while, but she will always holds that place in my life and heart.  My heart throbs for every single friend and family member person going through this very difficult time, and I am always her for anyone who needs someone to talk too.

Death is irreversible, but teaches us the importance of people in our lives, and realising the impact someone has on you, starting from hello. In our busy lives, it is so important to give people our time, more hugs, more love, and always appreciate every single moment.

Rest in peace Alexis, and thank you for being in my life.

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