Staying Fit Abroad

Being a personal trainer and athlete I view “being fit” as a life style, and not a 20 day phase. Its about staying consistent and adapting to your environment. I don’t go to the gym to get “jacked”. I go to become stronger, to consistently overcome barriers, whether it’s in regards to my anxiety or pushing through that last 10k of my marathon. It’s something I refuse to put on the back burner because I am “too busy”. The thought of not having a gym rattled me, It was never an option to go more than 2 days without going to the gym, now I’m going onto a month. I am learning to work with my environment. I still workout 5 days a week. but its different. I’m running through the rolling hills of Verona instead of on the treadmill and lifting heavy rocks I find instead of dumbbells. I split my cardio between skipping and running the hills, because running the hills everyday caused me to have intense pain in my hip. I brought a resistance band and do activation exercises, such as glute bridges and monster walks. I focus on core because it is easy to do anywhere, and is essential to the overall strength of every athlete. The core links together the whole body and creates an efficient transfer of force and energy if it is strong enough. The first stage of “Core” is bracing, exercises include planks, paloff holds etc. While doing the exercises you want to imagine someone is punching you in the stomach. That response where you squeeze is called bracing. Without bracing you aren’t doing anything and essentially just using your joints to move you. Lastly, I focus more on stretching. I don’t like it but, it is crucial to preventing future injuries, and bettering my performance.

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