“We’re Sleeping in the Same bed, and We’re not Even Facebook Friends”

My experience in Rome was not your typical experience. It’s not like living in the  Waterdown where your friends are a street away, and you can call them to go out. Instead, you have moved to a new country where you know no one, and very few people know your language, but maybe that’s the best part, it challenges you. Last weekend, I went alone to Venice, it went far from smooth. I got onto the boat to leave the island, and then when I got off I started exploring again, I was amazed. Then everything started to look familiar again, and the same creepy guys started talking to me. It was then that I realized  nothing was new, I had gotten back onto the same island and had seen everything ten minutes ago. This weekend I went to Rome. Normally you wouldn’t travel three hours away and stay in a hostel with someone you have never met before for a couple of days, but sometimes its the safest, and most efficient way to travel. I was lucky enough to meet Nichole from the States, she didn’t end up being crazy like you hear in horror movies. She turned out to be a caring, adventurous person, that I will never forget, and we were out to three in the morning seeing amazing places, such as, the coliseum and the beautiful trevi fountain.

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