Canadian Food vs. Italian Food- Who Wins?

” I just don’t want to look back and think ” I could’ve eaten that. This my moto for living in Italy. In Canada, I usually stick to a specific diet to achieve my goals and occasionally crush a 20 pack of timbits for a cheat meal. In Italy food is taken VERY seriously. One day we were about to sit down for lunch, until all hell broke lose, once everyone realized we didn’t have bread. Lunch was immediately put on hold, while me and the kids ran to the bakery to get bread. In Italy, every meal is your favourite meal. Everything is homemade including, salad dressing, pizza dough, bread, tortillas, cookies. Breakfast is usually yogurt, granola, cookies, bread and Nutella (or Novi), rice cakes and Jam. Lunch is usually pasta, salad, bread, some kind of cheese, and vegetables. Afternoon snack is gelato or a fruit. Dinner varies from fish, rice and homemade tomato sauce, risotto, homemade pizza, with many sides including, soup, salad, vegetables, some kind of cheese. My favoutire thing I have eaten so far is Brie cheese wrapped with smoked ham and melted on the fry pan. In my part of Italy there is no fast food restaurants, and VERY little packaged foods. It is not common to have peanut butter, granola bars, or any type of processed snack. I also love how no one  leaves the table until everyone is finished eating. Meals usually take an hour to an hour and a half. So unless It becomes healthy to eat Timbits everyday, Italy takes the win.

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