“Culture Shock”

I didn’t even think twice about it, until my uncle said he could “hear it in my voice” while talking to him on the phone the other day . I don’t know if  I had brain freeze from eating too much gelato, and it was blocking me from comprehending what it was, but as I was sitting alongside the Venice canal, I referred to the only type of shock I could relate too, and it was in tough Mudder getting electrocuted in tough Mudder, when thousands of electric bolts rippled through my body. I didn’t physically get electrocuted. You feel so many emotions ecstatic, frustrated, happy, lonely, and very confused.  I guess that is what happens when you change from the TTC to water buses to get to places, and go from talking non stop all day, to barely 10 minutes because of the language barrier.Sometimes you just want the comfort of home in the chaos of adjusting to a new lifestyle. I guess that’s the challenge. None the less it’s an amazing experience. The best moments so far include my solo day out to Venice and walking the beautiful streets, having a picnic with the family, then eating gelato as we walk along Lake Garda with the siloutes of the beautiful mountains, and teaching English.

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