Adjusting to Life in Verona, Italy

A few days ago when this adventure started, I was sobbing in the airport devouring a chocolate bar made for 7, because I had missed my flight, I had to pay for a new one, and find a place to stay the Night in London England. Then once I arrived in Venice I nervously waited for the family. It felt like I was a 21 year old getting adopted, but the family came and the three girls are so sweet and caring, and the parents are so loving and welcoming. We drove to their home in Verona, in a gated community, with a thousand year old church situated behind the house, which you can see from the kitchen.

I was officially convinced I was Italian when I had the food. There is so much of it, and it is amazing. Breakfast is usually, bread and natural Nutella, yogurt with seeds, banana smoothies, and wafer cookies. Lunch was pesto pasta, salad, bread, and fruit. Afternoon snack was gelato. Dinner was soup with home made croutons, corn, salad, and fruit. Tonight is homemade bread and Risotto. On a side note, I was making breakfast today and I felt something wet on my arm. I just thought, I spat on myself. I looked up and their pet bird goldie the flies around in the house crapped on me haha.

In the morning I teach Illaria and Alice English for a couple of hours. Then we do something together. Today we rollerbladed to the park and played volleyball. We head back and make lunch.

In the afternoons I get time to myself to do whatever I chose. I practice Italian, workout, and explore. I love running past the vineyards and through the rolling mountains. I saw a man today on my run, running in what seemed to be underwear. I probably looked just as shocked as when people see me wear shorts in Canada in January. He smiled and said something in Italian. I responded how I usually do, smile and say “yes”.

At night I like hanging out with the family. Dinner usually takes 2 hours, no one is allowed to leave until everyone is done, and no phones. Last night we all walked through beautiful downtown Verona and saw where Romeo and Juliet took place.

The best part is my dads home is starting to feel like mine too.

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