A little Bit of Help Goes a Long Way

A little help goes a long way. Whether your goal is to own a business, win a hockey game, or get a 6 pack. You can’t do it without help somewhere along the way. You need employers or customers to keep your company running, you need teammates to help you get ahead and maintain a win, and you wouldn’t have gotten that 6 pack without learning from experienced individuals. We are all part of each other’s success. I like to thank people for helping me , prepare for Italy, by writing a letter on the back of a picture with me and that specific friend. Whether it was a year ago and they literally helped me summit a mountain, or sat with me for an hour a couple months ago, reassuring me that I could take on this next adventure. It also taught me it is so easy to make a difference and help people. Make personalized cards, asking someone how their day was and genuinely mean it, or surprise them with cookies. It’s worth it.

people 4

people 3


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