Change is Very Uncomfortable

In eleven days, I will step onto a plane and leaving everything I know. I will enter the plane, and I will have the uncomfortable realization that I am in a nine hour transition from everything I know, to something completely new. Just like that a new life for a month and a half.

Canada is home to me. Situated in the small town of Waterdown is my childhood home where my parents currently live. My friends that I have grown up with my whole life live there, my best friend of 11 years lives just down the street. Waterdown is smaller in comparison to many cities. We have one high school, no movie theatres or malls. I had some of my best memories growing up there. Playing competitive soccer with the same 16 people for 7 years, an amazing time at high school taking every gym class, going to the farm every October to pick pumpkins with my dad. My grandma and grandpa live about 30 minutes away, and I spent my summers swimming there, and eating chocolate chip tarts. I currently live in Scarborough and it has been my second home the last three years. I love it here. I have so many amazing memories here, I met 2 of my closest friends here who have been there through the thick and thin, their names are Indie and Hailey. I played on the college varsity soccer team for three years and it has been unforgettable. There are many perks to being a student athlete.  amazing coaches and teammates that become family and you look forward to seeing everyday, the surreal feeling before the games listening to your national anthem before stepping on the field to play, the bus trips, stopping for food after the game and all of the sudden the bus becomes silent because everyone is stuffing there faces, this is the only time a bus will ever be silent especially travelling with the guys team. The support with all the staff that also quickly become family, the closet full of Adidas clothes, the athletic therapists that come to your rescue on and off the field, supporting you with your injuries, or just letting you talk after a stressful day. I played on the men’s college hockey team, and met an amazing group of guys, I have an amazing job running a soccer league at my school.

I love my routine. I love walking through the school, and seeing all of the familiar faces, getting Tim Hortons twice a day (3 times when its roll up the rim season), going to class, studying in the athletic office, trying to beat the monthly challenges at the gym, seeing my parents in the stands at my soccer games, going out with friends, spending time with my boyfriend, challenging myself to get better grades, eating my sweet potatoes, and quest bars everyday, falling asleep looking at the glowing Toronto skyline from my window. Its awesome, but I crave more.

I had an amazing time challenging myself and completing a marathon, and new adventures, such as, moving 40 hours away to live in the mountains, and I constantly crave more. I want to see how much I can do, how much I can grow, but it can be scary sometimes. Leaving the support of my friends, family, and boyfriend especially when my anxiety gets bad, changing my routine in the gym that has gotten me the results I’ve worked so hard for, changing my diet, and leaving the security. It’s scary but amazing. Growing is uncomfortable, at the gym the last rep, or the last 5 minutes of your run is very uncomfortable, but after you are stronger, I believe adventure and challenges does this to us as people, makes us stronger.





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